I feel like I’ve exhausted the subject at My Friend Amy, but I culled my Google Reader tonight. And it was an interesting experience. I had not maintained it very well, so there were all these old feeds in there, like even Southwest Airlines Blog!! (whyyyy) It was like..taking a trip down memory lane of my blogging career. It was very very bittersweet.

I’m glad I culled it though, though I could probably stand to do a bit more. I almost feel like I’m getting a fresh start. I also deleted almost all of my tumblr posts and I plan to really try to keep my activity there to a minimum. I like fandom, but I think it also can make things I otherwise love less fun. I want to keep up with a few friends I’ve made, but other than that I think it’s something else I should let go of or be more like Ana who barely posts. πŸ™‚

Carrie at Books and Movies talked about quitting blogging altogether and I have to admit that thought has crossed my mind more seriously than in the past. Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing. Right now I’m working so hard on the INSPYs and I’m not even sure if it makes any kind of difference, it feels a tiny bit like an exercise in futility. I’m also pretty sure I’ll either retire BBAW or pass on the torch once I fix that blog.

It’s so weird how this thing–Google Reader shutting down is making me evaluate everything. I guess really what it’s done is bring all of this stuff that was piling up but I wasn’t dealing with to the surface and you know…I guess that’s a good thing. I’m the kind of person who needs a clear line in the sand where I can say this thing is the thing that’s going to make me change every other thing. It was too easy for me to coast along doing what I’d always been doing without thinking about why.

So there you have it. Lol of course, you’ll only see this post if you’re still subscribing to RSS probably!


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  1. (Yes, I saw this via RSS.) I need to cull my reader, but I’m really sad about all the wholesale changes GR dying has produced.

    • Yeah me, too. I just hate the way it made me feel and I guess I’m trying to get as much control over my internet life as I can.

  2. I felt that way when I culled my reader, too – though, obviously, this blog was still there in case you posted again. That’s why I love GR, and why, even if I do stop my own blog, I will try to find a way to keep up with the blogs I have left in my reader. I am still incredibly torn about whether to keep blogging or not, but I do know there are several people in the book blogging world that I would be very sad to lose touch with. Like you. πŸ™‚

  3. *clings to RSS* I just… I don’t know. I’ve honestly never been so close to quitting altogether either, but I kind of don’t want to because I feel my life would be so much poorer without blogging. And just as I desperately try to convince myself to stick around, this happens and it’s like… it’s the last drop. To be honest part of me terrified that all this culling will mean I’m going to lose contact with more and more people and blogging will become lonelier and lonelier and everything will just come to a really sad end :

    And lol re: tumblr πŸ˜› The reason why I barely post is because I mostly use my tumblr for original content like photos rather than reblogs, which kind of goes against the grain of tumblr culture. I joined almost 3 years ago because I wanted a photo journal of sorts, kind of a quick record of what I’ve been to besides reading, and I stuck to that way of using it even as tumblr grew and changed and became what it is now. But I’m on there every day because I really enjoy going through my dash and seeing everyone else’s reblogs and fannish things.

    • I’m kind of hoping for the opposite…I know I’ll lose touch with some people but I’m hoping I’ll be better connected to the people that I really care about being connected with.

      and ha, I originally meant for tumblr to be original content, but then I fell into the fandom side of it. But I had some embarrassing stuff on there, so I’m happy to start fresh.

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