This past week has been an absolutely heartbreaking one for me. I have only been able to watch the news in small doses because I just can’t take it. Because I once lived in Japan many years ago, and because Japan is as much a symbol to me as a place where I started becoming a new person as it is an actual country with real, living people, I can only watch the news in bits.

I have a lot of anger, about the nuclear danger, about the disaster, about the way I’ve seen this disaster brushed aside because Japan is a first world country. I’ve watched clips of the coverage and I can still feel Japan…the way it smells, the balminess of the air, the way it sounds…it all comes alive again when I watch these little videos and they bring tears to my eyes.

I don’t have anything constructive to say, except that I still love Japan, I’m praying for Japan, and I hope only ever the best things for the people there.