A Dizzy Busy Time of Year

I’m leaving on the red-eye flight to New York tomorrow, and I’m already exhausted. This trip is going to be much longer than I originally planned and even still I feel every second is double booked. I love Book Expo America in a way that can’t be explained…I love the communion with the people who make the book community what it is…authors, booksellers, publishers, agents, distributors, librarians, educators, and of course, bookish press. We all speak a common language despite our many differences, we harbor a similar goal in our hearts and an unabashed affection for books. Yes, it gets business-y. Yes there’s money involved. I don’t mean to make it sound like something it’s not, but there’s a level of hope and trust and connection I have with anyone who wishes to perpetuate a culture of literacy and reading, a world where we are never only in one life, but we exist in many.

There’s a level of excitement with the introduction of forthcoming titles. So often we think of only the finished product and for those of you who are reading this who are book bloggers, we go through books so fast. I chatted with an author the other day who rewrote each chapter of her book ten times. A well written book is the ultimate labor of love. Each book whispers of the possibility…brimming over with promise to be the next book to change our lives, the next story to impact our culture.

BEA is the ultimate place of excitement, where a beleaguered industry tries to make the best of it…burns the fuel of hope by the very act of keeping on. For me, it’s the chance to see friends, friends as dear to me as those in my every day face to face to life. For me, it’s a place of renewal, of refreshment, of inspiration.

When it’s over, and I’ve come home and collapsed, I have jury duty. Can you believe it?

In any case, I’ve had so many posts I’ve wanted to write here, but just not the time. So many fragmented thoughts that need a space to come together and become something. I hope after BEA to return a little more attention here.

Some of you…I will see you very soon.


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