I turn 30 on Saturday, it’s here already!!

And I realize that yet again, I’m changing. I feel very different from the person I was even at the beginning of this year. I feel like I’m finally starting to realize that who I am is an okay person to be, and that the values I hold are part of what make me who I am.

It probably sounds strange but I have felt at odds sometimes with things I truly believe in my heart and also what I sort of thought I wanted to be. But I can’t really compromise on who I am. Who I want to be now is….me.

It only took 30 years to realize this! And I know I’m not totally there. I think I will forever be pulling back the expectations put upon me society, family, and yes, self. It’s a little bit like chipping away at something that has masked me and slowly I see myself emerging.

I think becoming is a lifelong process. We change as people and yet when we embrace the change within it can feel like acknowledging….yes this is who I really am, who I was always meant to be.


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  1. We had this discussion just the other night, celebrating a girlfriend’s 25th birthday with friends of all ages. All of us who are in our 30s all agreed that there is something special about being 30 and over. You are wiser, calmer, more experienced but still young enough to enjoy life. Financially, you are most likely to be better off than you were in your 20s. Not only that, we all agreed we know ourselves better, who we are and what makes us tick. This journey started when I was 29, and it’s been quite the rush. I am proud to tell people that I am turning 34 on Saturday because of that.

    • I was talking about how people told me that the 30s are the best years of your life…but I hate thinking like that. I want to feel I’ll still have life to look forward to! But what you say makes sense.

  2. It took me 30 years to come to that realization too… and well into my 31st year it is still a journey….but an amazing one. I am hoping 30 is your BEST year yet!

    I had no trouble turning 30 but 31? That one was a bit harder :o)

  3. Happy birthday Amy!! I hope you enjoy your day.

  4. Happy birthday, Amy. Hope this is a great year for you!

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