I turn 30 on Saturday, it’s here already!!

And I realize that yet again, I’m changing. I feel very different from the person I was even at the beginning of this year. I feel like I’m finally starting to realize that who I am is an okay person to be, and that the values I hold are part of what make me who I am.

It probably sounds strange but I have felt at odds sometimes with things I truly believe in my heart and also what I sort of thought I wanted to be. But I can’t really compromise on who I am. Who I want to be now is….me.

It only took 30 years to realize this! And I know I’m not totally there. I think I will forever be pulling back the expectations put upon me society, family, and yes, self. It’s a little bit like chipping away at something that has masked me and slowly I see myself emerging.

I think becoming is a lifelong process. We change as people and yet when we embrace the change within it can feel like acknowledging….yes this is who I really am, who I was always meant to be.